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I love marketing, and I love the power of radio. With 15 years of radio, audiobook narration, and voice acting experience, I have a deep knowledge and skillset to give an authoritative voice to your compelling value proposition. Due to a strong background in financial products and strategies, I can explain complex concepts in an understandable and compelling manner to disturb and intrigue your audience, creating a sense of urgency that encourages action.

In other words, I make your phone ring with prospects wanting to set appointments.

List building and drip campaigns are important, but the work I do is designed to get you appointments. And on average, we see 2-5 appointments per week with each show.

Radio is unique in that there is an "implied authority" to your message when it's heard over the air. This can foster trust more quickly than other marketing endeavors. And, rather than trying to gather an audience in one place (like a seminar or webinar), radio provides a built-in, loyal audience.

I won't mislead you. Radio is powerful. It can create urgency and immediate response. But, it's not a silver bullet (what is?). Building a following takes time and consistent effort. That being said, most marketing automation strategies can take 6-12 months before beginning to pay off. With a properly designed show and the right voice and delivery, you should see quantifiable results within weeks, not months or years.

After a little persistence and fine tuning, I am confident that you will have a positive experience. And by that I mean meetings with qualified prospects in your practice. I am dedicated to seeing you succeed, and will work with you to get it right.

You provide the outline, I do the rest. Fully produced radio shows that air in your market. Having strategic relationships throughout the country, I even find the right radio station in your area and interface with them directly.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get after it and grow your business.  

Keith Michaelson


Get your message out to thousands of people every week, building your brand and filling your calendar.

Ever have a prospect tell you they pulled off the road to listen to your show more intently? Our clients have.


Radio provides "implied authority" to your message, building confidence and trust in your listeners.

When your listener shows up for an appointment, they don't look at you skeptically. They see you as the answer.


Radio allows you to build rapport with a "built-in" audience of qualified prospects who are loyal listeners.

You don't have to attract an audience. Leverage the station's existing audience.

Replicate results. Not work.

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? There's no need to buy gobs of recording equipment, struggle through the audio engineering, spend frustrating hours creating a show, worrying about if you got the delivery right, and then search for weeks to find the right radio station. With our automated radio marketing program, we do all the heavy lifting and fill your calendar with qualified prospects.



You provide the script or even just an outline. We record it in our professional studio. Or, choose from an existing catalog of shows that we edit to brand your company and create direct response. While every market is different, our shows regularly produce an average of 2-5 appointments per week.


Stress-free and Turnkey

We take care of all the engineering, production, and even finding the right station in your local market. We already have the professional equipment, voice talent, and know-how. You can focus on your business. Leave the rest to us.


Content Creation

Unsure of the right message? We can help. We're experts in crafting your message in a way that maximizes listener interest over the air. We know what resonates and what doesn't. Whether it's creating the right copy, incentives, case studies, or offers, we'll be here to help optimize your radio experience.


Industry Knowledge

With a strong background in financial products and strategies, we understand and can present your niche or focus in a compelling manner that encourages direct response. Case studies and practical application of strategies and products are our forte. Whether it's tax-efficient retirement planning, safe money strategies, retirement income strategies, asset allocation and diversification, social security strategies - or more complex discussions such as risk-adjusted returns, Sharpe ratios, alpha, correlation coefficients, and tax-mitigation strategies for business owners - we get it.



We protect your local market. We will not produce radio marketing programs for other advisors/agents in your area, not even on another radio station.


Compliance Friendly

Have a compliance department? No problem. We will interface with them as needed to ensure your show is compliant. No one likes being in hot water.  


As well as dozens of audiobooks, commercials, investor product pitches, and narration of technical proposals for government and defense contractors

Our Clients & Listeners Love Us

“I never thought I'd have my own radio show because I'm shy in front of the mic. Keith presents my own material better than I ever could. The consistent flow of new appointments is the lifeblood of my business."

-- Kristen C.

"[The show] was so clear, so articulate. I take notes and learn something new every show. I had to call in."

-- Don F.

"That voice! I can't help but listen . . . it rings with authority. I have my Saturday mornings blocked off to listen . . ."

-- Elliott K.


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